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'A Letter to the GB Community', (Nov 2023)

Development Workflow Series

‘Chapter 1: Researching your Game’, GBSC (Sep 2021)

‘Chapter 2: Brainstorming Ideas’, GBSC (Oct 2021)

‘Chapter 3: Prototyping your Game’, GBSC (Nov 2021)

‘Chapter 4: Level Design (Part 1)’, GBSC (Jan 2022)

‘Chapter 4: Level Design (Part 2)’, GBSC (Jan 2022)

‘Chapter 5: Discipline & Demotivation’, GBSC (Feb 2022)

‘Chapter 6: Readability (Part 1)’, GBSC (Mar 2022)

‘Chapter 6: Readability (Part 2)’, GBSC (Mar 2022)

‘Chapter 7: Color Theory’, GBSC (Apr 2022)

‘Chapter 8: Replayability’, GBSC (Dec 2022)

'Chapter 9: Creating a Color Palette (Part 1)', GBSC (Oct 2023)

'Chapter 9: Creating a Color Palette (Part 2)', GBSC (Oct 2023)

GB Redux Series

‘Shrek: Fairytale Freakdown’, GBSC (Mar 2022)

‘Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear’, GBSC (May 2023)

The Battle of Olympus’, GBSC (June 2023)

'The Addams Family', GBSC (Oct 2023)

Classic Spotlights

Super Mario Land and the Importance of Nothing’, GBSC (Oct 2021)

‘Catrap and Learning by Doing’, GBSC (Nov 2021)

‘Ninja Gaiden Shadow and Enemy Placement’, GBSC (Feb 2022)

‘Wendy: Every Witch Way and Holistic Enemy Design’, GBSC (Mar 2022)

‘Noobow and Experience Driven Game Design’, GBSC (Apr 2022)

‘tLoZ: Oracle of Seasons and Expanding Corridors (Part 1)', GBSC (May 2022)

‘tLoZ: Oracle of Seasons and Expanding Corridors (Part 2)', GBSC (May 2022)

‘Gen the Carpenter: Smash Smash Hammer Smash and Hidden Depth’, GBSC (Aug 2022)

‘Samurai Kid and Subtle Hints’, GBSC (Aug 2022)

‘Pokémon and the RPG Introduction’, GBSC (Oct 2022)

‘Kirby’s Dreamland and Accessibility’, GBSC (Feb 2023)

‘TMNT III: Radical Rescue and Map Design’, GBSC (Apr 2023)


‘The Machine’, GBSC (Feb 2022)

‘Traumatarium’, GBSC (Sep 2022)

‘Swordbird Song’, GBSC (Nov 2022)

‘Batty Zabella’, GBSC (Feb 2023)
'Gravitorque', GBSC (Jan 2024)



‘In the Studio with Tronimal’, GBSC (Dec 2021)

‘Creating a Reward Scene’, GBSC (Mar 2022)

‘A Guide to SGB Mode’, GBSC (May 2022)

‘Platformer Plus’, GBSC (Oct 2022)


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