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weird surreal pixel art characters, super jacked up tomato face johnson

Hi, I'm Tom (AKA Gumpy Function)!

Thanks for checking out my website.

I'm an independent Game Developer and Artist from Melbourne, Australia.
I love making Game Boy and Game Boy Color games.


Follow me on Instagram to stay up-to-date with my GB dev work

or check out my page and play some of my games.


Oh, I'm also a writer at GB Studio Central.
You can find articles relating to all things GB Studio there.
News, Spotlights, Interviews, Tips and Guides and other stuff too.


I sometimes do commissions and freelance work too,

so feel free to contact me if you're looking for help.


Happy Gaming!


Tom Lockwood is an independent game developer, Artist and full-time dad living and working on Bunurong Country in Melbourne, Australia. His passion lies in making Game Boy games and pixel art, as well as all forms of drawing, painting and writing & illustrating his own children’s books. 
His games range from puzzle, platformer and adventure games to experimental and experience-driven games.

Through his games and his art, Tom enjoys exploring all things ridiculous and grotesque, with a hint of controversy and a little bit of silliness. He’s driven to find that perfect balance between challenging and fun. 
Tom also writes articles and essays published at GB Studio Central, contributing many articles ranging from game development strategies to game reviews and analysis. 

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