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weird surreal pixel art characters, super jacked up tomato face johnson


I offer freelance work relating to Game Boy and Game Boy Color software at a negotiable per hour price. 


I've managed the game design on my own projects and many of the collaborative projects I've worked on. I focus on high readability for both DMG and Color Game Boy games and specialize in puzzle, platformer and adventure game design.


Between making my own Platformer, Puzzle and Point & Click Adventure games (as well as other more experimental games), dabbling with Lunar Magic and the wonderful world of ROM hacks and sharing over a hundred Mario Maker levels, I've worked on improving my content creation & level design skills over a long period of time.


Need a cutscene for your game? Or a tileset for some levels? Anything from character sprite sheets to animated effects for collectibles - I have experience in all aspects of art asset creation over a wide range of genres and styles. Please view my games or Instagram account to see more!


If you're developing a Game Boy game of your own and would love some feedback, I would be happy to provide a detailed analysis of your game and its design elements.



Having 10 years of experience as a manager outside of Game Design, I've built the skills necessary to manage a team of developers from coding to art, music and SFX design, level design and content creation, palette creation, scene painting and much more. Creating tutorials and writing Game Design articles for GBSC has honed my ability to express ideas and methodology clearly and effectively to others during the dev process.

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